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The Ravage, a dreadful fire entity, has raised a blazing army of fire elementals to scorch the forest of the Oniverse. As the guardian of the forest, you must stop this incendiary threat. Summon fountains to form aquatic ramparts to extinguish the fearsome fire elementals, and call the forest’s inhabitants to your aid as the Ravage makes its way through the woods. And don’t forget to keep the forest lush with otherworldly trees.

1 - 2 players
30 min.
+ 10 years

Defend the forest

Sylvion is a unique take on tower-defense games, in which you must keep the forest verdant by preventing the Ravage cards from inflicting too much damage.


Each turn, four Ravage cards are revealed: some are the elementals that directly threaten the forest; others represent the schemes and tactics used by the Ravage to boost its offensive or weaken your defenses.

The fire elementals make their way relentlessly across the board, heading for the precious Edge cards (that represent the vitality of the forest).



If an elemental reaches the forest, Edge cards must be flipped on their desolated side.


If all Edge cards are desolated, you’ve lost the game!


Each turn you’ll have the opportunity to play cards from your hand in order to survive this assault:


play your fountains in the way of the elementals, plant trees to keep the forest alive, and call on the powers of the animals.


But you’ll have to decide which cards you really need to play -since each card has to be paid for by discarding other cards from your hand.

Many paths

You’ll discover Sylvion by playing with a pre-constructed deck, and will have to manage those resources wisely to counter the waves of attack.
At the advanced level, you’ll have to prepare your Defender deck yourself by selecting the cards from a larger pool.
Once you’ve mastered this, you can tackle the two expansions also included in the box, each adding new cards, trickier challenges and alternative victory conditions to your game.