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Gamle Erik (what people in Denmark called the Devil in centuries gone by) is hunting the badger Vogter, embodiment of the soul of the Forest. Help Vogter escape and gather enough allies to defeat the pack of evil minions Gamle Erik has brought along. But beware! All of Vogter’s potential allies have a dark connection to the Devil, and recruiting an ally may have dire consequences…

1 - 4 players
20 min.
+ 10 years

Gamle Erik is chasing Vogter through the Forest, represented by a circle of oversized cards. If the two pawns are on the same Tree card, the game is lost!



Before this happens, you must defeat all 6 Minions the Devil has brought with him to capture Vogter.

Minions can only be defeated by Vogter’s powerful allies. 

You get those cards from a display called the Future. Unfortunately, taking an Ally from the Future into your hand has a cost, that might compromise your chances of winning.

And as if this wasn’t enough, the Future can also be corrupted by evil Gamle Erik cards!



Fortunately, Allies can also trigger helpful abilities, and defeating Minions will grant you rewards that might tip the scales in your favor!

Manage wisely the costs and abilities of your Allies, handle Gamle Erik's cards and defeat all his minions in order to save Vogter.