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The factory of the Oniverse is on the edge of cataclysm! The Devious Cog has sabotaged all the machines, and the failsafe system is almost melting down. To make things worse, The Devious Cog has infiltrated the factory’s mainframe, leaving all worker-robots weakened, but fortunately still operational. Lead the last of them in a desperate attempt put the factory back in order before the whole system collapses beyond recovery!

1 - 2 players
30 min.
+ 10 years

Cyberion is a hands-management game: your Robot cards are dispatched into 3 different rows (the Platform, the Flash and the Stock) and you’ll have to use those cards carefully, in order to repair all the Machines.



Each Machine has specific requirements. If the needed Robot cards are available in one or several rows, discard them to repair the Machine.



Instead of discarding Robots to repair Machines, you can discard them to trigger helpful abilities (if, for instance, you don’t have the required cards).



The Machines become increasingly more difficult to repair throughout the game…


...but you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your Robot’s abilities, by paying those upgrades with Machines you’ve already managed to repair.



5 expansions are included in the box: make cute Babybots, pilot towering contraptions, benefit from the versatility of the Multibots, tackle the challenge added by infecting Microbots. And confront the Devious Cog in a mind-bending face-off!