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You are an air-shipwright, inventor of the flying ships used by the dreams to traverse the skies of the Oniverse, and now you must build the most beautiful fleet that ever soared. Gather the best blueprints and the most expensive materials -and of course the most competent crews. But all those resources are limited and, to get the ones you need most, you may be forced to sacrifice some precious ones.

1 - 2 players
15 min.
+ 10 years

The builder’s dilemmas

You win the game if you manage to build six flying ships.


Each ship needs a plan, materials and a crew.


Once you gather those three elements, your ship is ready!



You can get each of these cards from the display by rolling the right combination of dice.


If you want to re-roll for a better card, you’ll need to discard one or more cards from the display.


Grimoires and Pixies will be particularly helpful in your endeavor -but, just like all the resources in the game, they are in short supply!


Manage all your resources, plan the use of your workshops and discard the expandable cards at the right time.

Vast skies

The six expansions included will alter your journey through the skies and offer new challenges to complete: break the Stone Clouds that pin your airships to the ground, use new abilities from the Factory cards, build the piers and face the marauding Hellkite that will do everything to thwart your designs.
As for each Oniverse game, all expansions are independent from each other, and compatible at will.